Police forces in the Netherlands do not issue police clearance certificates or other declarations regarding a person's criminal record. However, it is possible to apply for a so-called 'verklaring omtrent gedrag' (VOG), a certificate of good conduct

The application for a 'verklaring omtrent gedrag' (VOG) has to be submitted to the local council ('gemeente') in the last town where the applicant lived before leaving the Netherlands. If he/she left the Netherlands before October 1994, the application should be lodged with the COVOG ('Centraal Orgaan Verklaringen Omtrent Gedrag'). If the applicant was never registered in the population register, the application should be sent directly to the COVOG.

The COVOG will check the records that are relevant to the purpose for which the certificate is requested. The application form therefore is set up so as to obtain a good idea of this specific purpose.

The COVOG has decided that the application form will only be made available in the Dutch language. If it is not possible for the employer or organisation requesting the certificate to complete part B of the application form, a letter from this organisation outlining the reason for the application (e.g. adoption) or the job description and responsibilities will be accepted by the COVOG.

When applying directly to the COVOG, the fee of €30.05 is payable to:

account no:
in favour of: Ministerie van Veiligheid enJustitie, Dienst Justis, COVOG
at: Royal Bank of Scotland, Amsterdam
IBAN code: NL47RBOS0569990971
reference: name of the applicant

Certificate of good conduct for use outside the Netherlands

A certificate of good conduct will only be issued in the Dutch language. However, a brief summary in English is provided at the bottom of the certificate.

Documents issued in one country often have to be legalised before they can be used in another country. Legalisation simply means confirming that a signature, seal or stamp appearing on a document is genuine.

If the certificate of good conduct has to be legalised with an apostille, then please indicate on the application form that the VOG certificate needs to have an original signature for legalisation purposes.