New global peace and justice think tank in The Hague

The Netherlands proudly presents a new international think thank 'The Hague Institute for Global Justice' and former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will take place in the Advisory Council.

The new institute will be a multi-faceted centre dealing with issues such as property, labour and energy law. The aim is to give concrete answers to international questions as an independent knowledge centre that focuses on peace, security and justice. In order to successfully do this the Institute will use and combine the most innovative knowledge from the other excisting peace, law and justice institues in The Hague. The Insititute is looking forward to be working closely with Dutch universities to use the think tank to the fully extend.

Major Jozias van Aartsen finds the opening of the new Institute an honour for the city of The Hague, calling it the city its aim to contribute to sustainable peace and justice. There are several peace institutes established in The Hague. The Peace Palace was build in 1907 making The Hague the peace city of the Netherlands for the past century.

For more information please visit the official website.