Cycling vacations in England

Have you ever thought of cycling in England, but are you put off by the general lack of cycle paths? It is very well possible to cycle in England in the Dutch way! The Hart van Engeland Route (Heart of England Route) takes on the very best cycle routes of England.

This guidebook provides a 1000 km cycling friendly route from Hook of Holland/Harwich to Lands End in Cornwall. All stretches have passed a "Dutch quality test" and take you across the City of London via exciting routes (like Hyde Park and along River Thames) to Bath, Bristol and beyond, taking in beautiful countryside and famous landmarks such as Windsor Castle and Stonehenge. Maps, full route descriptions and extensive accommodation suggestions are included, as well as information on how to travel by train with bicycles.

The "Hart van Engeland Route" guidebook is currently only available in Dutch via www.fietseninengeland. This website offers more information about cycling in England from a Dutch perspective. Are you up for a different high quality self-guided cycling outing in England? Visit for a wide range of options, available in both Dutch and English.

Are you an English speaker keen to experience the Dutch cycling nation? The first ever guidebook in English with the very best cycle routes of The Netherlands is due to be published in spring 2011; email if you are interested and you'll be kept informed.