Cycle Summit 2012: Policy, infrastructure and safety

On 20 June 2012 Total Politics will organize the first Annual Cycling Conference: 'Cycle Summit 2012: Policy, infrastructure and safety.' 
Where there’s a will there’s a way. And when it comes to supporting and promoting greater use of cycling in urban Britain, the political will is readily apparent. The way, though, is much less clear.
The conference will bring together key decision makers, policy formulators and experts to analyse public policy already in place to promote cycling across urban Britain. Best practice examples from home and abroad will be illuminated in order that practical and replicable lessons can be extracted.
The conference will explore the end-to-end commuter journey by analysing impediments to cycling in Britain’s current transport infrastructure and examining proven and proposed solutions to these problems.
With central government, city and local authorities, transport operators and employers all having a role to play in the delivery of cycling infrastructure that facilitates the interchange between cycling and public transport, a holistic consideration of best practice policies and strategies from this group will be central to the day’s discussions. Against this backdrop, the Cycle Summit will also examine how ever-higher standards of cyclist safety can be made an integral component of any public policy designed to promote increased use of cycling.
Cycling promotes a better quality of life and supports Britain’s environmental objectives. The Cycle Summit aims to connect the political will to a practical way.  
Attend this one-day conference to make your voice heard. 
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