OSF and FME-CWM launch web portal HollandSportsIndustry.com

Dutch companies can score on worldwide sports market

Whether it’s about finding an appropriate venue for a sport club, providing a stadium with proper lighting or improving sport education, the worldwide demand for Dutch knowledge of sport is increasing. So it’s no coincidence that the Orange Sports Forum (OSF) and the FME-CWM (an employers’ association of technological industries) together with the Dutch government decided the develop HollandSportsIndustry.com; a web portal that makes Dutch knowledge and skills on sport easily accessible online. The site, launched today, is about bringing supply and demand together, joining forces effectively and providing purposeful guidance at different projects all over the world.
Dutch sports knowledge on a world wide scale

FME-CWM has been successful with the Task Force EURO 2012, which focuses on products and services for the infrastructure and the construction of the stadium for the next European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine. Members of the Task Force EURO 2012 have already raised about 200 million euro for different projects and will continue the collaboration for European and World Football Championships and Olympic Games in the future.

OSF also catered to worldwide demand for Dutch sports knowledge by cooperating with the Indian football association. Together with Rob Baan, PSV and Philips, they have created and structured the Youth Development  Program for Indian football. With the help of FME-CWM and OSF, transparent (like the Football Championships and the Olympics) and less transparent questions and problems from anywhere in the world are being solved, activated and made visible on a global scale.
The Netherlands establishes itself as a sporting nation

NL EVD International and Dutch embassies are working together with OSF to find specific companies, clubs or people that might be interested in Dutch understanding and knowledge of sport. HollandSportsIndustry.com will be very helpful for increasing this awareness. The worldwide demand for soft- and hardware in the area of sport will increase within the next couple of years. It will become a huge market where the Netherlands can get the opportunity to establish itself  as a true and great sporting nation.
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