The Netherlands re-elected in IMO Council

The Netherlands has been re-elected in the General Assembly by the Council of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) which is a specialised UN Organisation. Based in London, it is responsible for safe and environmentally friendly maritime transport worldwide.

As part of the United Nations, the IMO is responsible for the global regulation in the field of maritime transport. On November 25 during the 27th General Assemby , a new Council consisting of 40 countries, was chosen out of the 170 countries that are party to the IMO Convention. The Netherlands has maintained its position through its re-election.

The Council, which meet twice a year, steer an executive IMO committee. Aside from the Assemblee and the Council, the IMO Council consists of five committees working on maritime safety, security, environment, facilitation, technical cooperation and legislation.

The Ministry of Infra-structure and Environment of the Netherlands will chair the Council for the next two years. The Dutch are known for their shipping expertise and the clear role they play as a maritime nation within the IMO which has contributed to its re-election.