British and Dutch Armed Forces enjoy very close relations. They have common operational and tactical procedures and doctrine, generating mutual understanding and respect and enabling a close working relationship. This enables them to co-operate effectively in, for example, international peace support operations, mainly as part of UN, NATO and EU missions.

The Defence Department's primary task is to facilitate this cooperation under the denominator 'Defence Diplomacy'. This means maintaining and strengthening contacts with British MOD concerning a broad scale of aspects, such as operations, equipment, training and education. Another task is to collect, analyse and report relevant information on military and military-political security subjects as well as defence equipment to parties concerned in the Netherlands. Also assistance is granted at commemoration ceremonies and information is provided to veterans. Furthermore contacts are being maintained with representatives of the British armed forces, British companies and foreign attache's who have been accredited in the United Kingdom. Preparation and accompaniment of visits of military entities and VIP's are also facilitated. Procurement of equipment and spare parts for Dutch weaponsystems is being provided for. Support for approximate 90 NL military personnel stationed in the UK concerns among others housing, education, finances and administration.