The Netherlands at the London Conference on Cyberspace

Last week the one of world's largest conferences on cyberspace was held in London. The London Conference on Cyberspace (London Cyber) which was organized by the British Foreign & Commmonwealth Office to increase attention on the current issues surrounding cyberspace, launched a focused and inclusive dialogue to help guide the behaviour of all of those involved in cyberspace. The speakers and participants of the conference included Bildt, Sweden's foreign minister and Estonia's president amongst many others. America's vice-president Joe Biden spoke via satellite, as did the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal spoke at the Economic Growth and Development segment of the Opportunities & Challenges session in which he stressed the importance of the government, corporate world and civil society needing to work together to secure cyberspace. Rosenthal also made clear that internet freedom is a top priority for the Netherlands and that internet can be a prosperity multiplier. The session was attended by Sanjay Pradhan, Vice President World Bank Institute, James Manyika, Director and Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company and Mikhail Yakushev Chairman of the Russian Association of Electronic Communication and Yu Zhou, Vice President of

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Watch the film below in which Mr Rosenthal anwers questions about the Dutch stance on cyberspace.