First successful Strategic Business Dialogue conference

The Dutch Ambassador to the UK, Mr Pim Waldeck and the UK Ambassador to the Netherlands, Mr Paul Arkwright hosted the UK - NL Strategic Business Dialogue Working Conference on Tuesday 5 April in London.

THe conference discussed economic perspectives for the UK and the Netherlands, how to boost growth through trade, joining forces in Europe and more.

The UK - NL Strategic Business Dialogue (SBD) emerged from discussions about how the UK and Netherlands can deliver tangible trade and investment results for business in line with their respective economic and prosperity agenda's. When the British Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen met in November 2010, they recognised the synergy in the economic ambitions for the UK and the Netherlands and the value of acting collaboratively where possible. This meeting launched the idea of the Strategic Business Dialogue as a broad platform for strengthening bilateral cooperation.

The Netherlands and the UK have a strong Trade and Investment relationship, the SBD will build upon those links and looks to further strengthen them.

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