Holland Financial Centre

The Netherlands is a regional financial centre with an international character. It finds itself at an intersection of knowledge, connections and business cultures, and forms a springboard from continental Europe to other financial centres. The Netherlands stands for a stable climate for doing business, with a population that is highly educated and international in its orientation.

To further enhance the investment climate in the financial sector in the Netherlands and expand cross-border financial business a wide ranging initiative has been taken under the heading of 'Holland Financial Centre'. Holland Financial Centre is a joint initiative set up by financial sector organisations, government and regulators. They include banks, insurers, trading firms, pension funds, asset managers, audit firms and law firms.

Several measures are being implemented which further improve the key factors for a competitive financial sector: an attractive regulatory system, a fair and predictable legal environment and the availability of highly educated and multilingual professionals. Moreover, the Netherlands has a stable, predictable and favourable tax regime for foreign investments in the financial sector, both at the corporate and individual level. For example, foreign professionals that choose to be treated as a non-resident taxpayer are not taxable for the Dutch net wealth tax.

Moreover, the government is responsive to business needs and is creating a business friendly access to the Netherlands financial sector through the Financial Markets Office and the Innovation Room.

The Financial Markets Office forms a single gateway to the government for the financial sector, providing a rapid and effective response to questions about legislation, tax, policy and general information relating to financial markets in the Netherlands.

The Innovation Room has been set up for parties in the financial markets who want to discuss with the government questions concerning their innovative financial products or services in relation to supervision and legislation.

Both the Financial Markets Office and the Innovation Room are joint initiatives of the Ministries of Finance, Social Affairs and Employment, and Justice, the Tax Authorities and the financial supervisors the DNB (De Nederlandse Bank (the Dutch Central Bank) and the AFM (Financial Markets Authority) .The Netherlands has created an environment in which the industry can seize the opportunities.