There are a variety of translators/interpreters in the UK, who offer translation services from Dutch to English and English to Dutch. The parties listed on this website just represent a selection of the services available. For general information about translators and their qualifications please contact:

the Chartered Institute of Linguists

or the National Register of Public Service Interpreters

Certified translations
Official documents (birth/marriage certificates, diplomas etc) require a certified translation. In the Netherlands only a sworn translator is entitled to do this. The translators are acknowledged by the Dutch Court.

If you are seeking a certified translation and transcript of your diploma please be informed that sworn translators do not evaluate your diploma. Thus, grades on your Dutch diploma will remain the same. Therefore there is always the possibility of having your application turned down because the Dutch grades do not conform to the UK authorities standards.

For diploma evaluations/assessments please contact:

* UK Naric in the United Kingdom. They have expert employees that are able to read Dutch diplomas

* The Nuffic for diplomas of higher education

* Colo for diplomas of senior secondary professional education and apprenticeship courses

* The IB-Groep for general secondary education diplomas or courses