Import/export cars

If one buys a new car in the Netherlands with the intention to register the car in the UK one does not pay VAT and BPM in the Netherlands but in the UK where the car will be registered.

A car bought in another member-state of the EU is considered to be new if it is less than six months old or has travelled less than 6000 km. If you purchase a second-hand car, VAT is payable in the country of purchase.

In the UK, the HM Revenue & Customs provides information on registration, VAT and Customs. Please visit the website of the HMRC

! ! Be aware of the fact that a car must be insured before driving it from the Netherlands to the UK.

Second hand car markets in the Netherlands
A car auction is held every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in Barneveld from 1 pm till 4 pm. On Tuesday and Thursday private cars are being sold and on Friday work vehicles and company cars.

BCA Autoveiling
Tel: +31 342404540

A car market for second hand cars is also held in Utrecht every Tuesday. Opening hours are from 9.30 am - 5 pm. Motorvehicles can only be bought, not sold.

Car market Utrecht
Tel.: +31 30 286 9100

I am moving to the Netherlands and would like to take my car. Where can I register my car?
When moving to the Netherlands, contact the Dutch Customs in the area where you are going to live. The right customs district can be found at the website

Do I have to insure my car in the Netherlands?
In the Netherlands it is mandatory to insure vehicles at least for 'third party' liability. Contrary to UK practice, the owner of the car insures the vehicle and is held responsible, irrespective of the driver.

In the UK the owner of the vehicle is insured and not the vehicle.

There are three options for insuring a vehicle in the Netherlands.

Third party/liability (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering/WA) - Third party insurance is obligatory. The insurance covers damage to third parties.

Restricted comprehensive cover (WA + mini casco) - This insurance covers damages like fire, explosions, lightning, theft, storm en broken windscreens.

Comprehensive cover (Casco/Volledig casco) - This insurance contains restricted comprehensive cover and claims on damage by collision and damage caused by violence.

Is my British driving licence valid in the Netherlands?

If you come to live in the Netherlands, you will still be able to use your driving licence for a certain period of time if it was issued outside the Netherlands. If the licence was issued within the European Union or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you will normally be able to drive under that licence for up to 10 years after it was issued, provided that the licence is still valid. Once this transition period has passed, you must have a Dutch driving licence. You will then have to exchange your licence.
If your licence was issued by a country other than those listed above, you will be allowed to drive in the Netherlands under that licence for up to 185 days after you come to live in the Netherlands. Afterwards, you will require a Dutch licence. For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management.