Working Holiday Scheme

The Working Holiday Scheme/Programme between the Netherlands and Australia, New Zealand and Canada offers an opportunity to young people from these countries to visit the Netherlands for a period up to twelve months with the objective of combining a holiday with work experience, thus supplementing their financial resources during their stay.

Please note: you can only make use of this scheme once. You are also not eligible if you have previously been granted a working holiday visa for the Netherlands.

To qualify for a Working Holiday Visa applicants must comply with the following conditions:
1. be an Australian, Canadian or New Zealand national;
2. be aged between 18 and 30 years, both inclusive, at the time of application (you must enter the Netherlands and register at the Immigration and Naturalisation Service before you turn 31);
3. have a national passport valid for at least fifteen months;
4. have a full medical insurance cover for the Netherlands valid for a minimum of twelve months from date of entry into the Netherlands;
5. have a return air ticket or sufficient funds to purchase one, and
6. not be accompanied by children.

If you meet all these requirements, a temporary residence permit (MVV) will be put into your passport. You will also receive a copy of a "Consular Statement" from the Embassy. This Statement confirms your participation in the Scheme and should be shown to the relevant authorities (see below) in the Netherlands. The temporary residence permit and Consular Statement are issued free of charge.

Persons who, after arrival in the Netherlands no longer comply with the above-mentioned terms shall not be considered for a residence permit, in spite of the already issued temporary residence permit.

Preparations at home
Lodge your application for a Working Holiday Visa in the country of your permanent residence if you will be entering the Netherlands within 3 months of leaving your home country.

If such is not possible please take note of the fact that you can lodge your application at any Netherlands Embassy or Netherlands Consulate (click here for contact details).
It is not possible to apply for the Working Holiday Scheme in the Netherlands.

Make sure that you have a legalised birth certificate with you as you will need this after your arrival in the Netherlands.

What to do after your arrival in the Netherlands
Within 72 hrs after your arrival you have to report to the local IND in the place where you will be staying for converting your temporary residence permit into a residence permit valid for one year. For registration, it is advised you bring a legalised birth certificate with you. The telephone number of the IND is 0900-1234561. It takes a couple of weeks to obtain a residence permit.

Also you must go to the local townhall ("gemeentehuis") in the municipality where you are to reside in order to register yourself in the Municipal Personal Records Database ("GBA").

After you have obtained a residence permit you should apply for a tax registration number ("BSN-nummer") from the Taxation Office in the municipality where you are living.

If you stay for a longer period of time, it is advised to open a bank account, although this is not strictly necessary. Some employers and employment agencies, however, only pay salaries into bank accounts. To open an account, you will need a copy of your residence permit.

How to apply from the UK
All applications must be made in person either at the Visa Section of the Netherlands Embassy or at one of the Netherlands consulates in the UK. You cannot apply at the Netherlands Visa Application Centre VFS for a Working Holiday Visa.

For lodging you application you have to complete the MVV application form check that you meet all requirements as mentioned above and then make an appointment at the Visa Section of the Embassy.