Visa fees

A non-refundable visa fee will be charged on all visa applications submitted, irrespective of the outcome. The fee is set in euros, but is payable in pound sterling (in cash or by postal order) and will therefore vary according to the £ / € exchange rate.

As from 1 January 2007, the Schengen visa handling fee will amount to €60 (approximately £50-55).

As from 5 April 2010, the visa handling fee for applications for children between the ages of 6 and 12 (i.e. older than 6 and younger than 12 years of age) amounts to €35 (approximately £31).

Please note that additional charges for postage will be payable if your application is submitted at a Netherlands consulate. A fee is also payable for the use of the optional special delivery facility for the return of processed applications submitted at the Embassy or at the Netherlands Visa Application Centre.

The following groups do not have to pay the visa handling fee:
1. children under six years of age
2. school pupils, students and accompanying teachers on study or educational trips and
3. (scientific) researchers from third countries

Furthermore, no visa handling fee will be charged for applications by the spouse and dependants (under 21 years of age) of EU nationals who are in possession of an EEA family permit for the United Kingdom, provided that they are travelling with their EU/EEA family member.
Please note that satisfactory proof will have to be submitted to establish that one of the above exemptions applies.

Countries with a visa facilitation agreement with the European Union
The Schengen visa handling fee amounts to €35 (approximately £30) for nationals from countries that have concluded, or are in the process of concluding, a visa facilitation agreement with the European Union. These countries are: Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova and Georgia.

Visa fee for Aruba / Netherlands Antilles
The handling fee for an application for a visa for Aruba or the Netherlands Antilles amounts to €35 (approximately £30).

Applications submitted at the Netherlands Visa Application Centre
In addition to the visa handling fee, a service charge of £24 (inclusive of VAT) per application will be payable for applications submitted at the Netherlands Visa Application Centre.