You can download the various forms that you may need for a passport or identity card application below:
application form
There is one standard application form for all types of passport or identity card applications. One application form has to be completed per document that is being applied for
A guide and translation to complete the application form
please complete the Dutch application form and keep this form as a guide
declaration of lost document (C2) incl. translation
When (one of) your documents is lost/stolen, please complete this form as an addition to the application
a consent / written permission relating to an application for a minor
If one of the persons who has parental responsibility is not in a position to sign the passport application form, he/she can give consent for the issuance of a travel document by completing and signing this consent form
a declaration of civil status
If a Dutch father applies for a first Dutch passport for a child and he was not married to the child's mother when the child was born and has not married the child's mother since, he has to submit proof of his marital status on the day on which the birth was registered (see 'First passport application for a minor'). One of these documents is a completed and signed declaration regarding civil status