Passport / ID card renewal for adults (18 years and older)

General information

Documents to be submitted

  1. A fully completed and signed application form (one per document) to be found under 'Forms'
  2. All current Dutch documents (you must submit all documents)
    a. passport
    b. identity card
    c. Lost/stolen: a lost declaration form (C2) download at 'forms' and if possible an old passport/identity card
  3. Two passport photographs according to specific Dutch requirements (British and EU standards differ with the Dutch)
    - check Dutch requirements on the website
    - Find a list of instructed photographers at 'Passport photographs' on this website
  4. Recent proof of residence (eg. British driving license, bank statement, utility bill) - in name of parent(s)
  5. To add the marital status and the name of the applicant's spouse or civil partner: legalised marriage or partnership certificate / legalised decree absolute / legalised death certificate
  6. For identity card applications: a certificate of de-registration ('uitschrijvingsbewijs') issued by the last municipality/town hall where you lived in the Netherlands
  7. Payment in cash; for current prices visit the website (cheques, debit/credit cards cannot be accepted)

Additional documents or information may be required to process the application.


For questions, remarks or if anything is unclear, you are advised to contact the passport section
(by email [email protected] or by telephone: 020 - 7590 3200 (15.00-16.00) or check our FAQ's page)