Nationality certificate

The passport section of the Embassy can issue a Nationality certificate for Dutch nationals. An application can be made by post. Please note that these certificates can only be issued in Dutch.
Documents to be submitted for a nationality certificate:
1. a copy of a valid Dutch passport and/or identity card;
2. a recent, unabridged birth certifcate;
3. a recently issued marriage certificate in respect of the applicant's parents;
4. proof of Dutch nationality father and/or mother at the time of your birth and that he/she has not lost the Dutch nationality whilst the applicant was a minor;
5. if applicable: a certificate of de-registration issued by the last local council ('gemeente') in the Netherlands stating the applicant's nationality at the time of de-registration;
6. if applicable: a copy of the naturalisation certificate (Koninklijk Besluit) for the Dutch nationality
7. if applicable: a copy of the foreign passport and/or a copy of the naturalisation certificate for the foreign nationality
8. signed declaration form (find here)
9. proof of address (such as a gas, electricity or council tax bill or tenancy agreement);
10. a self-addressed return envelope;
11. Checklist (download here)
12. Payment:
- a cheque or postal order (find the current price at Passport fees 2012 )
You can submit your application by post to the following address:
Dutch Embassy
passport department
FAO: declarations
38 Hyde Park Gate
London SW7 5DP
For more information or queries, please send an email to [email protected]