Visiting Family or Friends

You need a passport or official travel document accepted by all Schengen countries. A passport should be valid for at least three months after departure from the Schengen area and contain two blank visa pages.

We can only endorse visa in passports which have been issued during the past 10 years (not extended). If your passport is older than 10 years please apply for a new passport.

An ordinary Nigerian passport that has been extended manually is no longer recognised by the Benelux countries and will therefore not be accepted.

Please also submit a copy of the holder page of the passport.
If you have a new passport, please submit the old passport as well.

Your UK residence permit should be endorsed in your current valid passport or, in case your residence permit is endorsed in your old passport, please submit that one as well. If you return to the United Kingdom your residence permit for the United Kingdom must still be valid on departure from the Schengen area.

Since 24 November 2005, children travelling on their parent's passport have their own visa. Applicants should complete a separate visa application form and submit a recent passport photograph for every child travelling.

Other documents that have to be submitted for a visitor's visa are:
  1. One fully completed and signed application form. Please mention your daytime phone number with your full address. For minors (under 18) written approval by both parents or legal guardians with a copy of each parent's/guardian's passport is required.
  2. Payment for visa must by made by postal order (payable to the Royal Netherlands Embassy) or cash. Please note that cheques, debit / credit cards are not accepted.
  3. Two recent standard-size passport colour photographs per person taken against a light background with good contrast, clear and of good quality, printed on normal photographic paper, not mounted and full face (without sunglasses or head covering, unless for religious belief).
    For further details and examples, click here .
  4. Original proof of sponsorship completed by the sponsor in the Netherlands and legalised by the town hall, with a copy of the sponsor's passport, residence permit and payslips from the last 3 months.
    IMPORTANT: If you are a first time traveller to the Schengen area and you are applying for the purpose of visiting family or friends, you need to submit travel (flight/train/coach/ferry) reservations. All reservations must be translated into or be printed in English of Dutch.
  5. Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the cost of your intended stay (e.g. original recent bank statement) amounting to a minimum of € 34 (approx. GBP 30) per day. Please note that cash, overdraft or credit card facilities are not accepted.
  6. Travel insurance policy covering medical expenses including emergency hospital treatment and repatriation. The policy must have been taken out with an insurance company in the UK and provide cover for all Schengen countries. Minimum cover: € 30.000.
  7. A recent and original letter from your employer, stating the start date of your employment contract and your last payslip. If you are self-employed a letter is required from your solicitor, accountant or Company House. If you are a student, please submit a recent and original letter from school, college or university confirming attendance. If you are unemployed, please bring your social benefit booklet.

In addition to the original documents, please bring photocopies of all documents with you when submitting your application. The Embassy will not provide copies.

The Visa Section has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the above-mentioned documents does not guarantee automatic issuance of a visa.

Upon entering the Schengen area travellers should be in possession of copies of all documents submitted in support of their application.