Transit Visa

As from 5 April 2010 the following regulations are effective:

If you are travelling by air and have to pass through the international transit zone of a Netherlands or Schengen airport, some nationalities require an airport transit visa.

However, exemptions to the general rule exist. Keep in mind that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a state party to the European Economic Area (EEA). Click on the following link and read all the information to see whether you need or do not need an airport transit visa.

You are not considered as being in transit if you leave the international transit zone of an airport, e.g. to collect luggage or to check-in with another airline. If so, normal Schengen regulations apply.

If you are travelling over land (e.g. by car, bus or train) to your destination outside the Schengen area and you are passing through one or more Schengen countries you may require a normal Schengen visa. Click on the list of countries whose nationals require a Schengen visa .

Please note that ordinary Nigerian passports that have been extended manually are no longer recognised by the Benelux countries.