Voting in Dutch elections

Dutch nationals living abroad and no longer registered in the GBA ('gemeentelijke basisadministratie') can vote in the Dutch parliamentary elections and certain other elections, provided that they have registered for that particular election.

To be eligible to vote in the Netherlands you must:
- be 18 years or older on the day of the elections;
- not have been excluded from the right to vote and
- have Dutch nationality.

If the elections are more than six months away, you can send your address details to the following address to be sent a voter registration form for the next elections in which Dutch nationals living abroad can participate:

Publiekszaken / Bureau Verkiezingen
Postbus 12620
2500 DL Den Haag
email: [email protected]
The voter registration form can be found on the internet during the official registration period for an upcoming election. For more information, please visit

Remember to use a RED PENCIL when voting otherwise your vote will be invalid!