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Monday 3rd September


The Choral Pilgrimage 2012 - The Earth Resounds

The Sixteen Ltd, Quadrant House, 10 Fleet Street, London, EC4Y 1AU

World-renowned choir The Sixteen is delighted to present the 12th Choral Pilgrimage, The Earth Resounds. Featuring arguably the three most celebrated composers of the Franco-Flemish school of the Renaissance, the programme is centred around movements from the 12-part Missa Et ecce terraemotus by Brumel (the ‘Earthquake Mass’). After Josquin, Brumel is considered one of the greatest composers of his generation. Lassus, writing some 30 years later, was influenced by both composers and is known to have performed in the Brumel mass. 
Conductor Harry Christophers says:
‘For this Choral Pilgrimage, I have decided to explore the sacred music emanating from Flanders in the 15th and 16th centuries. This extraordinary music spans 100 years of innovation and brilliance.'
Josquin, Brumel and Lassus were truly European composers, leaving their origins to work in the top establishments of Aix-en-Provence, Ferrara, Rome and Munich. Their music has a unique sonority which I believe will astound you all - from the depth of expression and fascinating texts of Josquin to the overtly decorative mass movements of Brumel’s Missa Et ecce terraemotus.
We really do have a wealth of simply glorious music for you which I have no doubt will enrich all our lives. Once again let our pilgrimage bring this great music back to the buildings for which it was written.’
JOSQUIN  Praeter rerum seriem
BRUMEL   Gloria from Missa Et ecce terraemotus
JOSQUIN  O Virgo prudentissima
LASSUS    Magnificat secondi toni super Praeter rerum seriem 
LASSUS    Aurora lucis rutilat
JOSQUIN  Huc me sydereo 
LASSUS    Timor et tremor
BRUMEL   Sanctus from Missa Et ecce terraemotus
LASSUS    Magnificat octavi toni super Aurora lucis rutilat
Concessions are available to registered disabled (+ one companion) and to those under 18. Students and jobseekers can obtain concession tickets at the concert subject to availability (not available in advance). Concessions are not available for senior citizens. Groups may buy 10 tickets and receive one free. All offers are subject to availability; one discount per booking.
13 April - 27 October 2012
Email: [email protected]
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