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Tuesday 1st May

Dutch Duo Heringa/van Kalsbeek at Material Matters

The Courtauld Institute of Art - Somerset House

In 2012 The Courtauld Institute of Art celebrates 20 years of its biennial contemporary art exhibition, the East Wing Collection. This anniversary exhibition explores the material boundaries of art created in the years since the show’s inception through an

18-month programme of events and one of the largest exhibitions in the show’s history. East Wing X offers the viewer the chance to see the work of celebrated, established and emerging artists, many exhibiting in the United Kingdom for the first time. Observing the way in which the curators overcome the challenge of presenting contemporary art on the crooked and winding walls of an 18th-century building remains one of the most intriguing novelties of the biennial collection.

From the Netherlands East Wing X welcomes the contemporary artistic duo Heringa/Van Kalsbeek whose extraordinary sculptures use resin, feathers, paint and metal to create what the artists have termed ‘3D paintings’.

The East Wing Collection, as one of the earliest exhibitions to champion the YBAs in this country, is delighted to welcome back to this anniversary show works by Damien Hirst as well as new works created for installation in East Wing X by
Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Recalling names from the inaugural East Wing show in 1991 the curators 2 also welcome veteran British pioneers Sir Howard Hodgkin and Dame Paula Rego.

Material Matters celebrates is am ever-growing access to the internationalism of contemporary art and the diversity of media being used in its creation. With artists from four continents exhibiting works ranging in material diversity from soap to stained glass, The Courtauld again demonstrates the value of the East Wing Collection in its continued expansion into new media and new audiences for cuing edge artistic developments. 

Special events to be held on the last Saturday of each month, details to be announced.

For more information on this exhibition please visit the Eastwing X website.