Find the Embassy on social media

Not only has the embassy launched a new website, you can now also talk to the Embassy of the Netherlands on the following social media:

The Royal Dutch Embassy posts information about Dutch cultural events, concerts, and happenings taking place in the United Kingdom.

To get instant updates on various issues follow the Netherlands Embassy on Twitter. You can also follow the following Embassy's staff members:
- Michiel Servaes: First secretary
- Jan van Weijen: Head Public Diplomacy, Press and Culture
- Joanneke Balfoort: Head Economic Department
- Weijer Vermeer: Press and Public Diplomacy

Visit our YouTube channel to watch different videos about the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

We use our Flickr and Picasa account to share pictures of various diplomatic events and Dutch cultural happenings in the United Kingdom.

Check out our Slideshare account to watch interesting presentations.