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Why the UK?
The UK has the largest source of offshore wind in the world. This is because it has a relatively shallow sea coast, with relatively strong winds. Thirty years ago, the UK already discussed the possibility of building a wind farm in the North Sea , but only in 2000 the first offshore wind farm was build: Offshore Blyth in Northumberland. It is a small park with two Danish Vestas 2MW turbines operational since December 2000.

Since then a lot has happened in the field of offshore wind energy in the UK. In recent years there has been considerable investment in the construction of offshore wind farms, and since 2010 the UK is noted to have not only the world's largest offshore wind capacity but also the worlds largest wind park.

This has resulted in the commitment of several large companies. Now, as the economy is slowly picking up, the offshore wind industry can grow even more. The challenge that lies ahead for offshore projects is the establishment of cost effectiveness throughout all the interlinked activities within the supply chain.


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