Dutch in Higher Education

Great Britain is home to some of the most important universities which teach Dutch outside of the Netherlands and Flanders. These centres of Dutch studies maintain strong working and cultural relationships with one another and with the Netherlands. The teaching of Dutch language and culture at key universities such as Cambridge, UCL, Sheffield, Nottingham and Newcastle concretes and stimulates Dutch cultural activity and interaction between the two countries. For example, UCL houses the only dedicated centre for Dutch studies in Britain, and researches Dutch literature, linguistics and history, and interacts with Dutch authors, publishers, translation houses and employers in the Anglo-Dutch field. Sheffield, Cambridge and Nottingham universities are active in the Dutch cultural and literary field and help to inspire British students to learn and appreciate Dutch culture. All Dutch departments contribute to an academic journal of developments in the field of Low Countries Studies, which is called Dutch Crossing. These Dutch centres work together and with the Dutch government, language union and sometimes even the Royal family to support Dutch cultural life on this side of the North Sea.