Public Transport Cooperation

Various British and Dutch organisations over time have worked together closely to provide forms of public transport.

There have been ferries sailing across the North Sea connecting the two countries between Harwich and Hoek van Holland continuously since 1893, with only the First and Second World Wars interrupting this link. The Dutch and British railway providers at either end have long worked together to integrate train connections with the boats, and some ferry tickets include trains to London, Cambridge or Norwich and to most of the Netherlands. A demonstration of this cooperation was when a British train serving Harwich was painted into the Dutch Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) yellow and blue livery.

Abellio is an international public transport company which delivers rail and bus services to over 700,000 passengers every day across the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic. In the UK Abellio operates the rail companies Merseyrail, and Northern Rail (in an equal joint venture with Serco), and the bus companies Abellio London & Surrey. In mainland Europe, Abellio operates bus and rail contracts in several federal states in Germany through Abellio Deutschland and bus contracts in the Czech Republic through Probo Bus. Abellio is a subsidiary of Dutch Railways, the major rail operator in the Netherlands.