Anglo-Dutch Companies

The British and the Dutch historically joined forces to form some of the strongest companies in the world, and their position is still as strong today. Probably the most famous Anglo-Dutch corporation is Shell. In 1907 the British oil company Shell and the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company joined forces to compete against the American company, Standard Oil. This formed the mighty Royal Dutch Shell, which is now amongst the largest companies in the world, with its base in The Hague and offices in London. Both nations are proud of this company's history and it has come to represent the economic successes of the two countries working together.

Another giant player in business is Unilever, which appeared in the 1930s from the British Lever Brothers and Dutch Margarine Unie, and now owns many of the world's most famous brands and many iconic products. This company too reaches across the North Sea with its bases in both Rotterdam and London. Perhaps the most symbolic representation of this is the iconomic metal tub of Vaseline, which to this day has the text around the side of the tin printed in both the Dutch and English languages.