Dutch Food and Drink

The Dutch have a large and thriving cultural presence in Britain. After centuries of Dutch people living and spending time in Britain, many features of Dutch food and drink have become part of daily life here. Most pubs and bars sell Dutch beers, and there are other pubs which are almost entirely Dutch in character, particularly on public holidays such as Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) and Sinterklaas (5th December). De Hems is such an important Dutch hub that after years of welcoming homesick Dutch sailors, that in the Second World War during the occupation it became the headquarters of the Dutch national resistance in exile.

Elsewhere, Dutch food can be found in almost any grocery shop. Famous Dutch exports such as cheeses from Gouda and Edam are eaten in the UK, many Dutch specialities are widely enjoyed, and pancake houses serve up the Netherlands' most famous delicacy to British diners.